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High Performance Computing (HPC) — Get a low-cost super computer by unleashing the power of GPUs

March 8, 2013
High Performance Computing (HPC) — Get a low-cost super computer by unleashing the power of GPUs

Catalysts [ implements high performance computing based on a CPU-GPU system. GPUs are providing a highly parallel design. Perfect for many scientific simulations, financial applications as well as business applications. “Graphic cards are not only there for computer games.” (Jack J. Dongarra) Your advantages building on a GPU-CPU based system are incredible: – Get the power of 50-100 state-of-the-art PCs in just one high-end graphic card. – Your initial investment is about 20% lower for a CPU-GPU system than for a comparable CPU based system. – Energy costs for operation decrease by a factor of 10. – You can tackle much bigger problems, than you are currently thinking! – You can choose better algorithms to solve your problems, that are faster, more accurate or that are giving you more detail! – With a GPU-CPU based system you are building on a scalable, forward-looking technology We at Catalysts have experience in setting up a multiple GPU system – using its advantage in our software products. You get a full range of IT- solutions! With our knowledge, we are able to speed up your calculations. Imagine, instead of waiting hours for your results, it could only take you a few minutes or even seconds! Interested? View our projects to Satellite Data Processing: What are Aerosoles?: High-Performance Aerosol Retrieval Algorithm – GRASP: Or visit our Website:

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SEO Resurrection – Page 1 Of Google For Multiple Keywords In 1 Month – Live Demo

January 12, 2013
SEO Resurrection – Page 1 Of Google For Multiple Keywords In 1 Month – Live Demo – A comprehensive SEO package providing Knowledge, Strategy & Advanced SEO Software to enable great rankings in the search engines. The video shows SEO Resurrection in action, carrying out a live Google ranking exercise where a non ranking website is promoted to rank on page 1 of Google for multiple keywords in just 1 month. Visit the website to find out more about this amazing SEO package and start crushing your niche

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Link Emperor Review- Best SEO Services Overview & Setup

January 4, 2013
Link Emperor Review- Best SEO Services Overview & Setup

Link Emperor Reviews, Overview & Setup Tips. Steve at is a Link Emperor Subscriber with expert SEO Knowledge & Best Practice Advice. Steve explains why Link Emperor is the best SEO value and one of the most Affordable SEO solutions on the market today.

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21st Century Problems Require 21st Century Solutions

September 7, 2012
21st Century Problems Require 21st Century Solutions

Here at Computer Speed Shop (CSS) we strive to provide reliable, fiscally-efficient support to you, the customer. We make every effort to listen to your unique issues and needs and then, using our 15+ years of experience in sales and service, we chart a course to address these concerns in a timely manner without hesitation to give you top-of-the-line computer service with a smile. The passion to meet your 21st Century needs is so strong that we will not stop until your issues are resolved and your computer is running like new again. We can help to streamline your personal and business needs to assist you to maximize your productivity. No more spyware, malware, or feeling plagued with slow programs running in the background without your knowledge or authorization. We offer remote service to anywhere in the US or, if you happen to be in the Ft. Myers/Lee County, FL region, we can successfully assist with on-site support. CSS is flexible in its approach, but focused on providing you quality service at amazingly low rates that beat the charges of our competitors. We take great pride in our accomplishments and are building a growing list of very pleased clients and we’d like to add your name to this list. Please allow CSS to help YOU with your technology frustrations. We are here to help. Visit us on Facebook at CSS Website:

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AT&T U-Verse Phone Audio Hum/Buzz Problem

August 21, 2012
AT&T U-Verse Phone Audio Hum/Buzz Problem

I’m disappointed with the AT&T U-Verse phone audio quality. With my previous AT&T land line, the audio quality was crystal clear. As soon as the AT&T U-Verse phone line was installed, a continuous buzzing sound was present on all of my phones. An AT&T technician came out and re-wired everything but the buzzing sound still persists. Even with a corded phone connected directly to the gateway, the buzzing sound is exactly the same. I’m very upset because I liked the idea of having free long distance, viewing incoming calls on my television, etc. However, those novelties are not worth the degraded phone audio quality. After several calls to India, I finally got in touch with a support person here in the United States. I’m rolling back to a standard land line (“POTS”). This is extremely disappointing and I hope that I don’t encounter similar issues with the AT&T U-Verse television and/or Internet services. So far the Internet has been blazing fast. The television is okay but it loses audio and/or makes weird sounds when fast-forwarding or rewinding. Also, the television to my knowledge does not yet currently support 1080P and the overall picture quality is not as sharp as Dish Network in my opinion. At this point in time, I’m only satisfied with the U-Verse Internet. I wish that I still had my Dish Network for television. I’m questioning whether or not saving on the monthly television/Internet/phone bills was worth the switch. Hopefully the quality of the AT&T U-Verse service …

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The Benefits of Buying a Used Computer from Computer City Repairs

April 28, 2012

A growing number of people are now seeing the advantages of purchasing a used computer rather than a brand new one. Given that many of us are having to scrimp and save wherever we can, yet still must have a computer at work and/or home, deciding to buy a used computer is a wise choice. Computer City Repairs , located in Los Angeles , is the ideal place to get your used computer. They only sell computers which have passed a thorough checkup, and can even recycle your old computer if you like. They also go the extra mile of deleting all of your personal files before recycling, so that you have no need to worry about others getting a hold of your valuable information. If you happen to have an old laptop or printer, then Computer City Repairs is more than happy to recycle those for you as well. The thing that sets Computer City Repairs apart, aside from the fact that you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are purchasing a fully functioning system through them, is that their customer service is unparalleled. They place a high value on customer satisfaction, and are there for you even after they complete the sale. Computer City Repairs specializes in IT system repairs, hardware upgrades, software and installation , as well as training . Thus, you can trust that you are buying from a business that strives to not only provide its customers with superb products, but strives to give you the knowledge and support that you need to make the most of your used computer. Our experienced and trained technicians will help you to find the used computer that’s right for your needs and can recycle your old desktop, laptop, or printer, so that you don’t have to worry about disposing of it yourself. We make it easy and affordable for you to get a used computer for your home or office and pride ourselves in always being a source of IT support for our customers. Computer City Repairs is located on Westwood Blvd near the Wilshire Corridor in Los Angeles. We proudly serve the areas of: Beverly Hills 90210, Marina Del Rey 90292, Malibu 90265, Pacific Palisades 90272, LA 90020, Brentwood 90049, West Hollywood 90048, Venice 90291, and Santa Monica 90405 & 90025.

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RSS Web Design and Seo Tips

  • Blending Influencers, Audiences, and Celebrities
    Influencer marketing is growing and ever-changing. Website Growth, a Los Angeles Marketing Company, has noticed that influencer campaigning has increased to more than 80 percent of marketers in 2016. Anyone can become endorsed now, knowing that a target audience member has the potential to influence product-selling in any way. Who wouldn’t want to get paid [
  • Sears Announces Store Closures
    Sears has announced the closing of over 100 Kmart stores and 41 of its Sears outlets. That same day, Sears also announced that it had sold its Craftsman tool brand to Stanley Black & Decker Inc. Beverly Hills Web Design   Stanley Black & Decker Inc. plans to expand the availability of the Craftsman brand […] The post Sears Announces Store Closures ap
  • Guide To Creating Palatable Mobile Content
    The way we access the internet has vastly changed in the last 10 years. We are no longer limited to a desktop or even a laptop. The internet can now be accessed through smartphones, watches, gaming devices, etc. As a result, it has become vital to create content that is optimized for a smaller mobile […] The post Guide To Creating Palatable Mobile Content ap
  • Krispy Kream Sells Lies
    A lawsuit for 5 million dollars has been filed against popular doughnut chain, Krispy Kreme. Jason Saidian, from California, is charging Krsipy Kreme for their misleading marketing. Some of their doughnuts have been named to lead consumers that they contain nutritious fruits, while they are actually entirely free of fruit. Some of the doughnut names […] The
  • Is Kobe Bryant Ready to Become a V.C.?
    Kobe Bryant played his last game in the NBA on April 13th, 2016. He spent his 20-year career on the Los Angeles Lakers, where he retired an all-time great. With his NBA career behind him, Kobe is transitioning to the world of venture capitalism. He hopes the disciplines he has learned through his illustrious NBA […] The post Is Kobe Bryant Ready to Become a
  • REI VS. Macy’s – Black Friday Shaping The Future Of Retail
    REI announced this week that for the second year in a row, it would keep its doors closed on Black Friday.   One of the key shopping days of the year, Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving when retailers across the country draw masses of consumers through special sales. With retailers opening up at […] The post REI VS. Macy’s – Black Friday Shaping
  • Endorse Your Favorite Presidential Candidate With New Facebook Feature
    Facebook Users Can Endorse Presidential Candidates Facebook, the social media giant that boasts over 1.7 billion users worldwide, is now allowing users to officially endorse presidential candidates to their friends. Facebook users have always been able to support their preferred candidate by liking their official page or posting a status update. Now, users a
  • Nike Revolutionizes The Shoe Game, Once Again
    Nike is a brand recognized for its constant reinvention in the field of shoe design. This is a brand that identifies with the future needs of its customers and designs for that given demographic. In the past, the company has challenged technology and traditional needs, this time is no different. On November 28 of this […] The post Nike Revolutionizes The Sho
  • Facebook is Hollywood’s Newest Marketing Tool
    In today’s age of online movie streaming, it’s surprising that people are still heading to the theaters. Hollywood isn’t exactly suffering from the binge-watching trend yet, but what about the movie ticket companies? Fandango’s new marketing strategy is keeping itself ahead of them all. Fandango is expanding their online ticket purchasing services to Faceboo
  • Beverly Hills Hires First Female Police Chief
    Sandra Spagnoli is her name; she is 33 years old, a veteran, and is known for holding her ethical values close to heart. She was hired in March after the department spent a year looking for someone to fill the position. Spagnoli has previously held chief positions but is Beverly Hills‘ first female police chief. […] The post Beverly Hills Hires First Female