Wi-Fi Setup HERO3: GoPro Tips And Tricks

March 9, 2013

In this video I show how to set up your HERO3 with a Wi-Fi Remote. It is not hard to do and does not take much time. GoPro Tips & Tricks Subscribe: goo.gl Channel: goo.gl Facebook Page: goo.gl I create useful GoPro Tips and tricks videos. Make sure you suscribe to be notified about new videos. If you have enjoyed the video make sure to like / thums up and like GoPro Tips on facebook for the latest updates. If you have any question or comments please leave them below and if there are any mounts you would like explained or things that you would like to see how to mount your GoPro on, leave what they are in the comments below.


Wi-Fi Setup HERO3: GoPro Tips And Tricks

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