How To Remove A Virus Caught On A User Account

February 26, 2013

If your virus was caught on an account that was not the administrator this is a quick way to get rid of it. Part of my Virus Removal Series and one of many ways to get your computer back! Use the links below to access the playlist which I will add all new virus removal videos to as I make them. Full Virus Removal Playlist link: This is an ever growing series. Please contact me if you have a link to a virus I haven’t profiled yet. I will be adding to these as I get a dedicated computer and catch every virus I can one at a time! I will be placing these on my computer and showing step by step how to remove each one. PLEASE READ THIS. **************** If this video helped you, Please consider helping me make more helpful virus removal videos. I need a dedicated computer to catch viruses and wipe them out on camera also links to the viruses you catch. If you are interested in helping out click here **************** THANK YOU

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How To Remove A Virus Caught On A User Account

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