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Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

April 16, 2015
Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me. You need not delete your social networks or destroy your cell phones, the message is simple, be balanced, be mindful, be present, be here. :) Download…

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16gb Sandisk Extreme SDHC USH-1 C10 vs Transcend 16gb C10 in D7000

February 23, 2013
16gb Sandisk Extreme SDHC USH-1 C10 vs Transcend 16gb C10 in D7000

Sorry for the crappy quality.. I was using a old video camera that only shot at 4:3 aspect ratio and is a point and shoot. Anyways.. I bought the Sandisk Extreme because it was faster.. more reliable and all more rugged. I have found the card to be very fast over my Transcend card. However.. I have ran into issues with the card not always working in my camera and some how Sandisk said they were reliable.. that doesn’t seem reliable to me.. now doesn’t it? So I might be switching to a Lexar Pro card.. even though it is slightly slow than the Sandisk.. it may work better with the D7000 than the Sandisk. I’m not sure why these Sandisk Extremes doesn’t want to work with D7000′s.. I guess they just don’t like them. But the reason why I wanted a new memory card is because the transcend card is very slow at transferring the images camera to the computer. The Sandisk was super fast. I also got it because it was more rugged as I tend to drop these little buggers a lot. So I will probably be sending it back to B&H to get a replacement OR get a Lexar Pro. Social Networks & Websites Blog & Portfolio: Twitter Google Plus: Facebook: Flickr:

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Remove Trojan.Ranbot Virus

February 11, 2013
Remove Trojan.Ranbot Virus Remove Trojan.Ranbot Virus Posted on December 28, 2012 Trojan.Ranbot virus makes infected computer slow down while start up or shut-down because Trojon.Ranbot starts automatically while booting infected computer and keep running it activity in background which you cannot find. So you think computer is struck or hang, because Trojan.Ranbot inserts itself to a system process and make your computer slowdown. Also while surfing internet it opens backdoor for hacker to easily access your computer which is danger. That is why it happened because once Trojan.ranbot infected your computer then it disables your anti-virus and firewall software. It also popup with how to remove infected computer and to gets read of this you compromise yourself but if you do so then you are putting money to hacker’s pocket so don’t do that. It changes your computer registry entry and it stays hidden in your computer. It disables firewall so it is big threat for your computer because other attacker easily gets into your computer and provides free entry for them. It also stays in your computer and monitors your browsing activity and gathers your personal information and passes it to hacker. You think how my computer got infected with this dangerous virus? It may get into your system via visiting a website that contains code of the Trojan or it may be come through spam e-mail, media download or social networks website. It surely bothering and annoying problem for you because it …

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Senuke XCr – 14 Day Free Trial Link Building Software

January 20, 2013
Senuke XCr – 14 Day Free Trial Link Building Software click here for Senuke XCr. Senuke XCr is the most powerful link building software in the world. No other backlinks software even comes close to the power of SenukeXCr. Test drive Senuke Xcr with a 14 day free trial here: With Senuke XCr you are able to build thousands of high quality backlinks to your websites, social profiles, videos and other place that you need to get traffic so that you can promote your business and make more money online. Platforms Currently Supported By Senuke XCR Social Networks Web 2.0 RSS Directories PDF Doc Share Sites Wiki Sites Social Bookmarking Sites Forum Profiles – all platforms Article Directories Press Release Websites Wordpress blogs from your own network Senuke XCr also includes an incredible new marcorecorder so that you can teach Senuke X how to submit to any website in the world. The CR in Senuke XCR stands for “crowdsourcing” – within the community of thousands of users you will be able to upload your own scripts in order to get points to download scripts that others have created. This amazing new feature will put more power than ever before into this valuable link building software. Senuke XCR launch date is Sept 19th – Get your free 14 day trial now Link to this Senuke XCR video here: Get your free trial here: Senuke XCR is your ticket to increase website traffic and make money online!

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