How to block web sites in Windows 7 – NO SOFTWARE !

March 12, 2013

This Is a Quick and easy way to block websites on your computer that you don’t want some one to get on. Also be sure to Run As Administrator on notepad in windows Vista & 7 to block the the sites. How To Block a Website: 1.Go To Start And Run 2.Enter This in The Run Box: C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts 3.Open Host With Notepad 4.Type In and The website you want to block 5.Save And Now The Site Is Block Was Seeing that Some People Are Having Problems. The Simple Answer To just Be Sure You Are Running In Administrator On Notepad. That Will Fix The Problem of Access Denied How To Block Websites (Vista & Windows 7) You Can Block Any Website You Want Twitter | Facebook | Drop this video a like because thats nice :D Subscribe to my channel – My Gaming Channel | IGNORE THIS. “Block Websites” cool tricks and hacks on your computer episode electronics gadget starwars easter egg movie finding ip hidden file screen keyboard computertricks ludacrisjr7 richard copeland minto cmd command prompt trick hacking firefox faster anti-hacking security computer internet newbrunswick guitar hero hack bot 15000 fifteen thousand views google tricks hacks computer easter egg site fun internet show how l33t gothic loco linux bsd answer life universe flashlight laser hack pointer mod kipkay windows xp tricks vista hacks hacking Hack Windows XP | Hacking computers | Windows 7 | Microsoft, windows, hack, trick Software / Hardware Installation | Home network …

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How to block web sites in Windows 7 – NO SOFTWARE !

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