Facebook Privacy Problem

March 9, 2013

Meet us at VloggerFair: vid.io – with iJustine, SoldierKnowsBest, Shaycarl, CTFxC, jon4lakers, BFvsGF, and others! Talk to you in person? vid.io chris.pirillo.com Facebook has had another privacy mishap, and this time it concerns video privacy. For about a week, Facebook users that had videos set to private mode (allowing only specific users to see them) were unexpectedly sharing the title, description, people tagged, and a thumbnail of the video with all their friends. If one of their friends attempted to view a video they didn’t have access to, an error message appeared. For more information about What’s Trending with Shira Lazar, visit: cbsnews.com youtube.com twitter.com facebook.com


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Facebook Privacy Problem

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