The PC (*Secret*) Formula – Former Hacker Comes Clean!

March 13, 2013 The PC Secret Formula. Former Hacker Comes Clean! Kris Mainieri the pc secret formula make computer faster run like new There are many reasons why your computer could be running slow… I’m myself pretty much a hard core computer user, couple of friends have mentioned that if a new computer needs to be tested in just a couple of hours, it should be given to me. Simply because my normal computer workload is pretty much at maximum at all times. I have Mozilla FireFox open with 20-50 different tabs, couple of Adobe Acrobat windows, couple of word files, Editplus (text editor) with 30 tabs, plus of course Adobe Photoshop, mail programs, MSN and these are just the main things. So if a PC has a reason to strike for some reason, it should definitely be my computer. However, luckily I haven’t really had any big problems except for speed issues due to my hardcore memory and CPU consumption. Most of the ‘computer speed up’ software out there focuses only on ONE problem area, but with a user like me, its far from enough. Products like “PC Doctor” and “Registry Fixer” are decent products but they leave a lot of your computer’s speed potential unused (I know that after I have tested the product PC Secret Formula). PC Secret Formula system covers all important areas so your computer is literally forced to perform at maximum speed and that’s why I would definitely recommend the PC Secret Formula to everyone who feels their computer is running …

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The PC (*Secret*) Formula – Former Hacker Comes Clean!

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