Google Chrome EXTREMELY slow on Mac OS X

December 25, 2012

!!!!I FOUND A SOLUTION FOR IT!!!! (updated 25.12.2012) Those who wish to use Chrome without lagging – uninstall Adobe Flash Plugin from your Mac (use Flash integrated into Chrome) and everything works. It is evident that Adobe Flash is conflicting with Integrated Plugin of Chrome. (Disabling it didn’t help) PROBLEM: Hi to everyone. Here is a video of common problem of many of MAC OS X users who tend to use Google Chrome. Problem, as can be seen in video, is related to Google Chrome page loading times, as well as Chrome functionality – like preference page and other. Video shows performance comparison between Mac OS X built-in Safari web browser and Google Chrome – video will speak by itself. I’ve taken many steps to somehow understand what is causing it and why, and did a complete uninstall/reinstall procedures, tried different Chrome preference change, I’ve also updated my Mac Book Air to Mountain Lion from Lion (as problem persisted also on Lion), but without any results. Anyway – Safari and Firefox work perfectly on Mac, so it is a clear evidence that there is a problem in Chrome itself… … so Google – PLEASE FIX this problem once and for all …

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Google Chrome EXTREMELY slow on Mac OS X

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