HACK – Speed up your internet in 5 minutes / Internet Speed Hack V3.44 to 100 MBPS

August 20, 2012

Welcome to Internet Speed Hack V3.44 Speeds your internet to max 100 MBPS Safe to use. Proof on video. __________________________________________________________ LAST TIME CHECKED: AUG 2012 WORKING Works on all internet connections and on all computers. Changes your internet setting speeds up to 100 MBPS Download movies films and video and audio at 12.5 MB/S that’s 12000 KB/S or 100 MBPS __________________________________________________________ DOWNLOAD: fileice.net It takes only 30 seconds to complete a short simple survey. But it worth’s your 100 MBPS Internet. __________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Clear all browser cookies (on IE, CHROME, FIREFOX, SAFARI, OPERA) 2. Download the Internet SPEED Hack from: fileice.net 3. If your using windows 7 RUN AS ADMIN if not use XP. 4. Run the software and choose your NETWORK SPEED. CHECK YOUR PING. If your ping is too high it can cause problems. 5. Let it patch your network. 6. Enjoy your speed. __________________________________________________________ Keep in mind your ISP does not allow this.


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HACK – Speed up your internet in 5 minutes / Internet Speed Hack V3.44 to 100 MBPS

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